Welcome to The Toast Forums - Rules

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Welcome to The Toast Forums - Rules

Post by Jinx on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:05 pm

Hello Admin Here... Welcome to The Toast Forums We hope you enjoy are forums and use it correctly.. here are some rules you need to follow before using the forums

1 - You must not use harmful or racial comments in the forums

2 - You must not post pornographic images/Videos of any kind.

3 - Please Be polite to all users on the forum if you do not agree with a user than dont be hurtful and call him an idiot or retard it is rude and impolite and you shall be warned/reported

4 - Dont spam a topic or forums with links , ads ETC...

5 -  Don't be disrespectful or hurtful to any members of the forums this could result in a warning/ban

6 - Dont Ask Me (Jinx AKA Admin) for a role on The Toast Forums You shall be warned.. This Forum Is ran by one person and one person only at the moment but i may hold spots for people who want to be moderators etc etc .... a "new topic will be posted in the updates section if i am loooking for people to be a moderator etc etc ...

We hope you enjoy using The Toast Forums and we hope all users use it correctly and hope all users have a good time using our forums and help each other when needed

- Admin  Smile

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Re: Welcome to The Toast Forums - Rules

Post by nig nog on Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:54 pm

nig nog

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